Change the background

color for the main Rounders your blog template

After I check the only blog that I use the Rounders template,

confirmed that there is no option to change the background color good to learn on.

So when I logged into Blogger account, and in the blog, I see there must be a "Customize" at the top-right corner of the page. I click "Customize" I can in the layout. I click the EDIT HTML sub-tab of open the template editor. I find this code in the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) from the template:

/ * Variable


<Variable name = "mainBgColor" description = "Main Background Color"

type = "color" default = "# fff" value = "# ffffff">

<Variable name = "mainTextColor" description = "Text Color" type = "color"

default = "# 333" value = "# 333333">

changed and the value = "# ffffff" for the values = "# 000000", and that the sidebar preview left the main column and have the background changed to black. Sidebar right keep the original color. So I find a way to change the background color main. However, because I have no intention to really change the color, I just click "Edit Delete" to remove the changes and left the blog.

If you want to learn more about the HTML code of the color and how to get it, see the HTML color code, color charts and color pickers

If you have any intention to change, you may also need to change default = "# fff" to some other color (note: HTML color code # fff in this case only contains 3 alphabets, but you can well placed 3 or 6 alphabets or numerics, or a combination, depending on the What color you want, preview and see what changes you get.

you can edit the color blog Here

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